MCEA Clarification – Appendix 1 Construction Cost Limits  - March 2019


As indicated in Appendix 1, the MEA monitors and updates the Construction Cost Limits identified in the Road Tables.  


In 2015, these cost limits were listed as $2.4 M and $9.5 M.


Since 2015, MTO’s Construction Cost Index has increased 8.3%.   Applying this increase to the 2015 cost limits results in new construction cost limits for 2019 of $2.6m and $10.3m respectively.



Road Diet Clarifications aug 2015

Under Activity 19 of the Roads Schedule of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, reconstruction of a roadway, where the reconstructed road will be used for the same purpose, use and capacity is a Schedule A+ activity.

Appropriate Schedule for a project installed by a developer

Recently the MCEA committee answered a complex question related to the appropriate Schedule for a Developer’s project. This file helps clarify the situation

Heritage Bridge checklist (word vers.)

This checklist was updated in March 2014 by the Municipal Engineers Association to assist with determining the requirements to comply with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment. View all 4 parts of the module on Structures over 40 years here to assist with completing this checklist

Heritage Bridge checklist (pdf vers.)

Species at Risk Legislation

One cause of Part II Orders and elevations is that proponents are not completing the pre-work MNR requires at the planning stages during the Class EA or screening process to provide baseline species at risk information to determine permitting requirements later. It cannot all be done at permit stage as it may affect the design of a Project. This issue is causing delays to the ministry’s review of Part II Order requests as the issue is often raised. The MCEA process should consider this issue during the planning process. A usefull link in this respect is MNR species at risk link

Clarification Notices

Installation or Replacement of Standby Power Equipment

Project Identification and Piecemealing

Stormwater Management Facilities

MCEA Consistency

Septage Classification

New Schedule Clarification for Sewage Pumping Stations vs. Treatment Plant Pumping Stations

Notice of New Process for Part II Order Requests

Update for Submissions of Notices of Completion

Fees for Comments

Structures over 40 years old