Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

The following guidelines are offered to assist proponents in establishing contact with appropriate review agencies when certain situations are identified which give rise to various types of environmental impacts. The examples which follow are not expected to be comprehensive and the proponent is responsible to determine the appropriate agency contact when different situations arise and different environmental impacts are identified.

The following guidelines are expected to be useful to proponents developing projects under Schedules B or C. Reference to the Provincial Policy Statement issued under Section 3 of the Planning Act, and associated reference manuals, would also be useful.


MCL                -           Ministry of Culture

MOE                -           Ministry of the Environment

MMAH            -           Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

MNR                -           Ministry of Natural Resources

MTO                -           Ministry of Transportation

DFO                 -           Department of Fisheries and Oceans





Works Directly Affecting:

Permanent and intermittent water courses and waterbodies, navigable waterways

•           rivers

• streams, creeks

•              marshes, bogs

•              lakes, ponds

•              outfalls, crossings

•              municipal drains

• Conservation Authority

• Local MNR Office (in all cases)

• MOE Regional Office (or other appropriate MOE offices)

• Ministry of Culture

• DFO - Canadian Coast Guard

• DFO - Habitat Management

• Environment Canada


•           wells, aquifers

•              groundwater recharge areas

• Local Health Unit and/or MOE Regional Office

• Local MNR Office

Rare, endangered or significant assemblage of wildlife fish and plant species

•           list pursuant to the Endangered Species Act

•              game species

•              regionally significant wildlife, fish or flora

• Local MNR Office

• Conservation Authority


• Natural Heritage Information Office (MNR)


• Environment Canada

Fisheries, fish habitat

•           rivers, lakes

•              navigable waters

•              highways

• Local MNR Office

• Conservation Authority

• DFO - Habitat Management

Environmentally sensitive area

•           ESA as defined and identified on OP or in MNR’s or Conservation Authority’s plans

• Local MNR Office

• Conservation Authority

• Local Municipality






Hazard Lands

  • unstable soils

•   steep slopes

•   floodplain land

• Local MNR Office

• Conservation Authority

• Local Municipality


• Agreement Forests

•   Significant Woodland

• Local MNR Office

• Local Municipality

Natural Heritage Features

• provincially, regionally and locally significant natural heritage features (such as significant woodlots and wetlands) and associated ecological functions

•   National Wildlife areas

• Regional and local municipality

• Local MNR Office

• Conservation Authority

• MOE Regional Office

• Environment Canada

Ornamental or Street Trees

• trees on municipal land

• Owner of property immediately     adjacent to lands containing trees

• municipal staff responsible for trees

Recreational Areas

• Provincial Parks and park reserves

•   Conservation areas

•   Niagara Parks Commission

•   National Parks

•   Heritage Lands

•   Municipal Parks, open spaces and trail system

• Owner of recreational property


• Local MNR Office

• Conservation Authority

• Local Municipality

• Canadian Heritage - Parks Canada

Tourist Facilities

• motels

•   restaurants, scenic lookouts


Historical or Archaeological Resources

• historic buildings

•   heritage structures (e.g. bridges)

•   scenic areas

•   archaeological sites (historic and pre-historic)

•   historic regions, e.g. Rideau-Trent-Severn Corridor

•   cultural heritage landscapes


• Local Heritage or Historical Group     including Local Architectural     Conservation Advisory Committee     (LACAC)

• Canadian Heritage

First Nation Lands

• roadways

•   sewage and water facilities

•   places of importance for reasons of traditional use, sacred significance and cultural and natural heritage significance

• local First Nation and aboriginal     community leaders

• Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs


• Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Social Service Facilities

• homes for the aged

•   psychiatric homes

•   group homes

•   hospitals

• Ministry of Community and Social     Services - District Office

Transportation Service Facilities

• highways

•   navigable waters / harbours

•   St. Lawrence Seaway

•   airports

•   railway crossings

• MTO - District Office and Regional Manager of Engineering and Right-of-Way

• DFO - Coast Guard

• Transport Canada

  • Canadian Transportation Agency


• electrical, telephone, oil, gas      pipelines

• Ontario Hydro

•   Local Utility Companies






Sensitive or Special Planning Areas

• regionally significant growth centres •   major industrial parks, subdivisions

•   development in Northern Ontario

•   areas with potential for tourism      development / designation

• MMAH - Provincial Planning and Environmental Services Branch

• Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism

• Ministry of Northern Development and Mines


• Local Municipality

Prime agricultural areas and specialty crop areas

• areas designated for prime agricultural in Municipal Official Plans and/or areas where soil Classes 1, 2 and 3 predominate

• Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - Land Use Planning

• Local Agricultural Representative

• Local Municipality

Where project is being either partially or entirely federally funded or involves federal land

• federal infrastructure programs

•   sale or leasing of federal lands

• funding agency or land owner

Works directly affecting “Great

Lakes interconnecting channels”

• St. Mary’s River

• St. Clair River

•   Detroit River

•   Niagara River

•   St. Lawrence River

• Local MNR Office (in all cases)

• DFO - Canadian Coast Guard

• DFO - Habitat Management

• Environment Canada

• Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Niagara Escarpment Planning Area


• Niagara Escarpment Commission

Parkway Belt Planning Area


• MMAH - Provincial Planning and Environmental Services Branch

Oak Ridges Moraine



Planning Act and Provincial Policy Statements

• where the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is the Planning Act approval authority

•   where an inter-jurisdictional project is contemplated

•   where new services would substantially increase growth capability outside an urban designation

• MMAH - Provincial Planning and Environmental Services Branch

• appropriate Planning Act approval authority where it is not MMAH


•   every situation

  • MOE Regional Office - EA Co­ordinator (and other appropriate MOE offices)
  • property owners adjacent to project site
  • local Area municipality (as appropriate)
  • local Regional municipality (as appropriate)
  • County or Planning Board
  • potentially affected members of the public, landowners and adjacent municipalities