Training Modules

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) Workshop Oct 15-16, 2019

Registration Now Open

To meet demand, the MEA will be hosting a MCEA Workshop on October 15-16,  2019 in Mississauga at the Centre for Health & Safety Innovation. 

Registration is limited 40 participants.  This a popular course - act fast to reserve your spot.

For more information and to register for the Workshop, please followng this link:  MCEA Workshop Information

The MEA will also be hosting MCEA Workshops in 2020, please check back for updates.


Training Modules

The MEA has prepared a series of modules explaining aspects of the MCEA process. It is important to hear the dialog along with the presentation.

Turn on your speakers to watch the following video modules from the following link:

  • Introduction to Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) Process
  • Amendments and Clarifications to the 2007 MCEA
  • Master Plans and the MCEA Process
  • Part II Order Requests
  • Proponency
  • Integration with the Planning Act
  • Project Scoping
  • Structures over 40 years old ( Heritage Bridges )
  • (Note - view parts A,B,C and D and download checklist HERE
  • Aboriginal Consultation

An alternate method of presentation is available on "Authorstream" from the link below:

This provides the presentation in a power point version that is downloadable

NOTE , new modules available on Aboriginal Consultation and Bridge Structures over 40 years old


There are none planned for at the present time, however the above modules can be used for self directed training