Municipal Class Environmental Assessment
Part A - Class EA Planning Process


Phase 5

Phase 5 consists of three steps:

To implement the project, complete the contract drawings, proceed to construction and operation and monitor. The proponent must ensure that the commitments in the ESR are met.

Step 1 Completion of contract drawings and tender documents. The contract drawings documents and the method of construction shall embody the selected design and the environmental provisions and mitigating measures developed throughout the planning process and as detailed in the ESR: the proponent is not free to arbitrarily change or omit these provisions.

This step shall include the issue of tenders or, in the case of projects to be undertaken by municipal forces, the completion of necessary administrative arrangements to proceed with implementation of the project. Normally tenders will be issued after the expiration of the 30-day ESR review period. In some circumstances, however, as for example with a tight time schedule to meet seasonal construction constraints, a proponent may issue tenders during the ESR review period, with acceptance and contract award being conditional upon a request for a Part II Order not being received and upon receipt of all necessary technical approvals.

Step 2 Proceeding to construction and operation. Contracts are awarded, construction takes place and the project is implemented, commissioned and placed into operation It is recognized, however, that circumstances may arise which make it impossible to implement the project as outlined in the ESR or which delay its implementation. In this case an addendum to the ESR may be necessary and the procedure to be followed is set out in Section A.4.2.2.
Step 3 Monitoring for environmental provisions and commitments. The ESR will detail the potential effects of a project on the environment, and the mitigating measures, if any, to be taken to avoid, eliminate, prevent or minimize such effects. The monitoring program outlined in the ESR shall be undertaken to ensure that the environmental provisions and commitments made in the ESR are fulfilled and are effective. Monitoring of project operation may be necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the selected solution in resolving the problem. The results of the monitoring program shall be communicated to the public and review agencies, if requested.